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How to say it, the art to communicate with Process Communication Model® | VIRTUAL 6 SESSIONS

March 24th &  April 2nd (all day) & March 25th &April 1st (morning):


March 24th – Day (9h-17h00)

March 25th – Morning (9h-12h30)

April 1st – Morning (9h-12h30)

April 2nd – Day (9h-17h00)

The Process Communication Model which is a model created in collaboration with NASA to better manage behaviors in confined space, is a real accelerator allowing you to fluidify relationships within team members and to regain individual and collective well-being.

During the training, you are invited to an experiential journey:

  • to get to know yourself and your colleagues/friends/family better
  • to communicate better with your stakeholders
  • to develop your influence
  • to better manage your stress

Le tout avec des outils innovants alliant le corps et l’esprit.


24 Mar 2021 - 02 Avr 2021

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